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 Aaron Railton SAPD application

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PostSubject: Aaron Railton SAPD application    Aaron Railton SAPD application  EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 6:00 am

Aaron Railton SAPD application  Iyh6j910

San Andreas Police Department Application
In-Character Information
1. What’s your IC name: Aaron_Railton
2. What’s your IC age: 18
3. Why do you want to join the SAPD? To serve the community and to protect people and to make the streets a safer place
4. What kind of skills do you have? Driving flying and some shooting training skills
5. Do you know any police codes?
(If so name them)
10-4 - Message received, understood
10-9 - Repeat message
10-0 - Caution
6. What do you know about the SAPD they have a great leader serious teams and great people.
7. Have you ever been a Police officer with us No
(If so please name what was your rank)
8. If you stop a player what are the first 5 things you would say to him/her?
1. Hello sir
2. May I see some Licenses
3. May I see some ID
4. Please step out the vehicle
5.thank you have a nice day
9. Do you know any police Procedures?
(If so please tell us about them)

Out-Of-Character Information
1. What’s your name Aaron Railton
2. What’s your age 18
3. What’s your time-zone GMT + 1:00
4. How much hours do you play on your server: About 8-10
5. On a scale 1-10 what are you role-play skills? 7
6. What kind of person are you? A very friendly nice outgoing person
7. What do you know about the REAL police? They are a pain in the ass
8. Are you willing to take time and train and help other new officers? Yes
9. Tell us about yourself:
(Minimum 100 word)

MY name is Aaron I am from England I am 18 I go to college at college I study motor mechanics. I like to play a lot of sports and they are football basketball lacrosse tennis hockey volleyball ice skating. The games I play on my Xbox 360 GTA IV GTA Red dead redemption the outfit Fifa12 Halo 3. The Music I like Rap hip hop old School rock classical. Music artists I like are Eminem 50 cent Dr Dre g unit motorhead fozzy metallica living colour Beethoven Mozart. TV shows my name is earl family guy king of the hill friends.
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Leinier Lopez
Leinier Lopez

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Aaron Railton SAPD application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aaron Railton SAPD application    Aaron Railton SAPD application  EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 12:07 am

You already applyed. Denied

Aaron Railton SAPD application  Crysis-01
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Aaron Railton SAPD application
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