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 SAPD Application - Jack Collin

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SAPD Application - Jack Collin Empty
PostSubject: SAPD Application - Jack Collin   SAPD Application - Jack Collin EmptySun Oct 23, 2011 10:32 pm

SAPD Application - Jack Collin Iyh6j910[/url]
San Andreas Police Department Application
In-Character Information
1.Whats your IC name: Jack Collin
2.Whats your IC age: 35
3.Why do you wanna join the SAPD? I like to join a strong force and help it building up, saving the streets from any possible danger and helping creating less criminal activity in San Andreas
4.What kind of skills do you have? Weaponary skills, driving skills, RP skills, all of them.
5.Do you know any police codes? Yes, i do.
6.What do you know about the SAPD? Everything.
7.Have you ever been a Police officer with us? Not yet here.
8.If you stop a player what are the first 5 things you would say to him/her?
1. Good Day Sir, please turn off the engine
2. Give me your license and passport please.
3. Tell him the crime he commit (Driving to fast)
4. Give him a ticket
5. Have a nice day.
9.Do you know any police Procedures? yes i do.

Out-Of-Character Information
1.Whats your name: Jack
2.Whats your age: 16
3.Whats your time-zone: CET +1
4.How much hours do you play on your server: 3 Hours a day
5.On a scale 1-10 what are you roleplay skills? 8
6.What kind of person are you? Friendly, patient.
7.What do you know about the REAL police? A lot.
8.Are you willing to take time and train and help other new officers? Yes
9.Tell us about yourself: Not needed right..?
(Minimum 100 word)
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Leinier Lopez
Leinier Lopez

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SAPD Application - Jack Collin Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAPD Application - Jack Collin   SAPD Application - Jack Collin EmptySun Oct 23, 2011 10:34 pm

ACCEPTED Please come in game and do your police patrol reports.

SAPD Application - Jack Collin Crysis-01
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SAPD Application - Jack Collin
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