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 Application for SAST

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Application for SAST Empty
PostSubject: Application for SAST   Application for SAST EmptyMon Oct 31, 2011 7:33 am

Application for SAST Sasdn10
Bone County Sheriff Department Application
In-Character Information
1.Whats your IC name:Kristiyan_Krastev
2.Whats your IC age:20
3.Why do you wanna join the BCSD?Because i wana help the people from criminals and bad things i wana keep the town good.
4.What kind of skills do you have?Amm I have driving[9/10] Shooting [9/10] flying[8/10]
5.Do you know any police codes?Yea
(If so name them)
10-12-Stand By
6.What do you know about the BCSD?I know that is a very good Department have a good good team and good teamwork.
7.Have you ever been a sheriff with us?Nope not with you.
(If so please name what was your rank)
8.If you stop a player what are the first 5 things you would say to him/her?
1.Hello sir
2.May i see your licenses
3.May i see your ids
4.Do you know what a crime you did ?
5.Please say your name
9.Do you know any sheriff Procedures?
(If so please tell us about them)

Out-Of-Character Information
1.Whats your name:Kristiyan Krastev
2.Whats your age:11
3.Whats your time-zone:I think GMT-1
4.How much hours do you play on your server:Amm at weekands all day at the week 5-6hours
5.On a scale 1-10 what are you roleplay skills?[9/10]
6.What kind of person are you?I am a friendly person like to work as a team like to help friends and like to realize things.
7.What do you know about the REAL sheriff?I know that he has very much work at his Department he likes to do his job very well and he like to see his workers happy.
8.Are you willing to take time and train and help other new officers?Yes ofcourse
9.Tell us about yourself:[I dont think i can wirte 100 words but ...]

I am from the capital of Bulgaria the city is called Sofia I study in a high school and i am at the 5th grade i like driving my bike at my village with my friends and i like really play on my computer.I play soo much games that.But i dont play them always i play them sometimes i play:Counter Strike 1.6;Call of Duty/5/6/7;OMSI,SAMP.GTA Original SA.Vice City,Word of Warcraft[Not So much] and this is all i think.I dont like going outside soo much i like more to play on my computer Razz.I am a realy friendly person i like friends and i like realize things.[This is all about me hope you like me Razz]

Hope you like my application Razz
(Minimum 100 word)
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Leinier Lopez
Leinier Lopez

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Application for SAST Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application for SAST   Application for SAST EmptyMon Oct 31, 2011 10:24 am

San Andreas State Trooper is Closed

Application for SAST Crysis-01
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Application for SAST
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