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 Grove Street Application Format

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PostSubject: Grove Street Application Format   Grove Street Application Format EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 6:54 pm

Grove Street Application

Copy all include the image

Grove Street
Name(inluding old ones):
Age(IG and IRL):
You do know your not allowed to Deathmatch with out a Reason?, You need a reason a kill someone
Have you been banned ? If yes what reasons :
How long are you active on SAMP?[
You have passport and driving license?
Were you invited to join the gang ? If yes,who?
How active are you?
What things are you specialized in?
Previous Mafias/Gangs/Groups you have been in:
Do you know how to RP? Give us a example of RP:(DONT COPY FROM OTHER PLAYERS)
Tell us, why do you want to join?[/center]

Grove Street Application Format Crysis-01
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Grove Street Application Format
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