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 Application For LSMD

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PostSubject: Application For LSMD   Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:52 pm

Los Sureños
Name(inluding old ones):Kristian Krastev
Age(IG and IRL):IG:15 IRL:11
You do know your not allowed to Deathmatch with out a Reason?, You need a reason a kill someone-Yes
Have you been banned ? If yes what reasons :NO
How long are you active on SAMP?amm in weekends all day in the week 5hours because i go to lessons and school
You have passport and driving license?Yes
How active are you?Amm all day at weekends and 5hours at the week
What things are you specialized in?I like friends and having fun i like doing everythink good
Previous Mafias/Gangs/Groups you have been in:Los Surenos.LSPD
Do you know how to RP? Give us a example of RP:(DONT COPY FROM OTHER PLAYERS)
I was chilling in Los Santos And Somethink hapent in my car i stopped i was at the end of the town nobody was near me.I get out and looked at the car the left tire was flat.I taked it down and searched for a new one i found one,then put it and screw it up.
That tire was soo old and i thinked to go to a SERVICE i take my belt on and drive slowly to the nearest SERVICE.
Tell us, why do you want to join?I wana save lifes save people and i wana protect the town everyone to be alive and to be ok.
Checked by [[Marcus Freeman]]


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Leinier Lopez

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PostSubject: Re: Application For LSMD   Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:57 pm

First take of the !, And you need a name and a Roleplay a act not example

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PostSubject: Re: Application For LSMD   Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:26 pm

You be accept now but stay in Medic and you know medic be boring Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Application For LSMD   

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Application For LSMD
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