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 Police Patrol Report

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Leinier Lopez
Leinier Lopez

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PostSubject: Police Patrol Report    Police Patrol Report  EmptySun Oct 16, 2011 4:32 am

San Andreas Police Patrol Report
Suspects Arrested: (How many suspects did you arrest/ why)
Suspects Jailed: (How many suspects did you jail/ How long/ Price)
Suspects Killed: (How many suspects did you kill)

Suspects Stopped:( How many suspects did you stop/Why did you stop them)
Suspects Ticketed: (How may suspects did you ticket/ Why/ How much)
Suspects Pursued: (How many suspects did you pursuit/ How long)

Patrol Time: (How long did you patrol/ When did you start patrolling and when did it end)
Patrol Partner: (Who did you patrol with)
Patrol Area: (What areas did you patrol)

Incidents: (List Major crimes that you dealt with in your day)

Conclusion: (Tell us what happened in your day and how it went)
Signed, NAME

Police Patrol Report  Crysis-01
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Police Patrol Report
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