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 State Trooper/Police Procedures

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PostSubject: State Trooper/Police Procedures   State Trooper/Police Procedures EmptyWed Oct 12, 2011 12:45 am

1st If a suspect is evading you must warn him your to stop 3 times if he keeps going warn him your going to use force and call for backup try your best to stop the suspect and keep him alive. You may only use a gun if his using a gun and it depends on what he is using if his using a heavy weapon you may use the same but if he has a M9 or knife no.

2nd like i said if he keeps evading just tazer him and try to get him to surrender if he keeps running and running ask your Chief if you have permission to take down the suspect in the radio.

3rd If the suspect is trying to evad after you have RP tackling him and it wasnt force just call a admin. If his doing unrealistic things just get screens of it and report him/her.

4th If a suspect is in a car SLOWER than the police patrol car you are not allowed to drive-by . If the suspect is in a slow car shooting you do have permission to drive-by. If the is in a faster car than the police patrol car you may drive-by. Please try to tell your chief your doing something and ask for permission. If that suspect is in a slow car and has been in a pursuit we might just take him out but never do it with out permission. And if a Suspect hits a civilian, Police or Sheriffs car in pursuit you tell the chief or the highest person on to get permission to take out the car.

5th If you are in a traffic stop please do something like this /d U1 :: Traffic stop :: 4 door black car :: plate number 56 :: Location Red county :: Code 4 Let me explain every thing ok U is like your ID you may have different ones every time so it could be U65 U3 whatever your ID is, Explain what you are doing like Traffic stop , For the " 4 door black car explain the car you are stopping, Plate number is the others person ID, location we always want to know if your far or close, And code 4 it i don't need assistance.

6th for Air Unit you can be a Air unit and help officers in Finding suspects or looking for reckless drivers in the air . If you spot a reckless driver get close to him and say /m Pull over and wait for A ground unit to come to you this is a traffic stop. and ask ground units to come and take over the traffic stop always explain to him why you ask him to pull him over.

7th for Undercover units you may go on duty when you see a reckless driver but may not pull him/her over get someone else and give them the plate number.

8th you MAY NOT pull anyone over in a civilian vehicle you must be in a patrol car rancher or a police bike with Lights.

9th Please always try to get a suspect alive we want them breathing better .
Thank you all and hope you follow the Sheriff and Police Procedures .
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State Trooper/Police Procedures
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